donderdag, juli 25, 2024

Corporate Membership

This message from the Amdoc Europe foundation could be of interest to you and your company. We promote European-American relations since 1996. Our parts of the world share a common history and we share values.

Are you worried about:

•             The rift between Europe and the United States?

•             The threat from China and Russia to our economy and freedom?

•             The threat of terrorism?

•             Trade wars?

•             Your export position as a manufacturing company?

•             The rise of anti-Americanism?

Then Amdoc has a message for you, because your worries are our worries.

We think that the European-American relationship has been very successful through the ages since the first colonists arrived at America’s shore. We share a common view of freedom, democracy, individual human rights, free trade and so on. In a time, the EU-US relationship is under attack from various sides we must stick together to protect our freedoms and our way of live and doing business.

Support Amdoc.

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Corporate Membership. The annual dues for the corporate membership of the Amdoc Europe Foundation are € 400,- (EUR) or in $ 440.- (USD).

With this amount you support our goals. You receive all Amdoc publications and invitations for network gatherings with high level speakers.

Our goals are bold.
Our mission is clear.
We are ready to increase our presence in public opinion.
We are eager to go the distance for what we believe in!
We hope you agree with the importance of our work.
If you do, please support our organization financially!

Go for a simple but better trade agreement.

Your help is very welcome.

Maybe you are part of the 45,000 companies strong American-European business community. Maybe you are an exporter or you want to export overseas. Amdoc Europe could be the organization for you.

A Founding Member pays a onetime amount we agree upon and is a member for as long as the corporation exists.

Join Amdoc!

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Mail our chairman directly  (Jo Spätgens)