donderdag, juli 25, 2024

Atlantic Partners

Stand together in a sometimes hostile world

Regrettably the world around us is in part a hostile place. A number of countries do not share our common view on personal and economic freedom.

There are in fact more threats to our way of life than we often realize. Think about developments in the Middle-East, North-Korea, Iran and even Venezuela. Think about the activities of Russia and China.

Of course we have friendly (trade-)relations with some of these countries, but their record on the field of democracy, human rights and economic freedom should be monitored closely. So the free world should be observant.

America’s shift towards the Pacific.

America’s political focus is slowly shifting from the Atlantic to the Pacific. This started during the Obama administration and was not reversed by Trump. President Biden has talked about the importance of the relationship with Europe, but actions still have to follow. The Pacvific shift could potentially hurt the European – American relationship. We have to be vigilant about these developments. Active promotion of the strong historical en economic ties between our continents and the benefits we received form it must over and over be brought to the attention of the U.S. Administration, the House and the Senate.